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Achieve precise synchronising of V-Twin engines with carburettors or FI / throttle valves with the robust SynchroMate’s solid state electronics, at a cost no more than a set of good quality dial gauges, but without the problems of fragility, vibrating dial pointers or barometric pressure influences.

SynchroMate’s buil-in tachometer displays engine RPM and absolute vacuum in cmHg at the flick of a switch.
A single carburettor’s absolute vacuum can be verified, displayed on a 0 – 60cmHg scale.
The SynchroMate compares & displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two linked carburettors to a resolution of 0,5cmHg on a single transverse "East-West" 30 LED display.

An optional adaptor kit allows synchronisation of up to 4 linked carburettors / FI throttle valves.
A flashing LED at the dead-centre "Pa" mark indicates that the compared manifold vacuums are equal to within 0,5 cmHg (centimetres of mercury).
The highly visible flashing LED allows for quick verification (even from a distance) that the carburettors are synchronised.

Power is provided from the vehicle battery or an external 12V battery via a 2-meter (6 ½ ft) power cable with large crocodile clips.

Periodic minor adjustment of the calibration is very simple :
Without any tubes connected, adjust the single screw until the centre LED flashes.
The instruction manual is available in 6 commonly spoken languages.
A rubber holster provides additional protection against mechanical shocks and knocks.

The standard kit includes 2 x M5 and 2 x M6 threaded adapters, a T piece and 12VDC power cord.
A specially designed carry case for storing the SynchroMate & accessories is available as an option.

2 year limited warranty.