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OptiMATE 3+ Desulphating battery optimiser & maintainer-charger

Instructions - Quick Guide

OptiMate 3+: The unique diagnostic battery optimiser for 12V motorcycle, powersports & power equipment batteries.

Available in most countries with 220-240V supply : to check, click on "Where to Buy" (at left) for the contact details of your national importer.

The unique OptiMate 3+ can save neglected batteries that (despite claims) other smart chargers can’t.

Moreover, the OptiMate also verifies that batteries are as fully charged as their basic state of health allows, and then checks for & detects dead battery cells.

The OptiMate will then safely maintain your vehicle’s battery during long term storage, thanks to its gentle maintenance cycle which automatically allows the battery to rest for 30 minutes of each hour while it remains connected.

These qualities have persuaded more established motorcycle manufacturers to recommend the OptiMate than all competitor products COMBINED.

The automatic multi-stage programme engages as soon as the OptiMate is connected to a 12V battery retaining at least 2V:

  1. The OptiMate immediately checks if the battery retains at least enough voltage to enable the programme, and whether the battery is sulphated or not.
  2. If it is sulphated, the OptiMate applies ‘first aid’ in the form of a voltage of up to 20V** at low current for up to 2 hours, to recover the battery to a state allowing it to accept a charge more ”normally”.
  3. As soon as the circuit detects that this point has been reached (immediately for most batteries), the “bulk charge” mode engages and delivers current at a constant 0,6A rate to charge the battery.
  4. When the monitored battery parameters indicate that charge progress is sufficient, the unique ‘verification’ stage engages. The voltage is limited at a lower level, & if sensed necessary, a voltage pulsing action achieves further desulphating & tops off the charge. When this has been verified we go to the next stage.
  5. The OptiMate then ceases to offer current to the battery for 30 minutes while it monitors the unsupported battery's voltage so as to check whether the battery can retain sufficient charge to crank an engine, before the long term maintenance and test cycle commences.
  6. During the following 30 minutes the OptiMate offers the battery a supporting & maintaining charge, but only to the extent necessary to counter any losses or connected loads such as an electronic alarm or immobiliser. Overcharging and/or overheating of the battery is ruled out by this 50% duty cycle whereby the battery is interactively maintained for 30 minutes and then rests during the power drain tests of each alternative 30 minutes. The battery is always 100% in optimal service condition, but never overcharged.

**The OptiMate’s high voltage desulphation mode cannot engage unless the battery is first disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system. However, even if the battery is not disconnected, the OptiMate cannot damage sensitive vehicle electronics as the higher voltage mode can only engage if minimal or zero current is flowing into the battery. Suggestions of possible risk on some internet forums or chat sites are based on inadequate consideration of the technical facts and are incorrect.

  • Recommended for all 12V lead-acid batteries from 2Ah to 35Ah, although the OptiMate can also maintain larger batteries (they will just take longer to charge).
  • Meets all relevant EN & IEC norms and CE directives.
  • Splashproof housing (IP52) with built-in wall-mounting lugs.
  • Comprehensive selection of connection accessories including an output extension set.
  • 2 year limited warranty.