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   Desulphating battery optimiser & maintainer-charger


OptiMate III /IIISP: The unique diagnostic battery optimiser for 12V motorcycle, powersports & power equipment batteries.

The OptiMate III/ IIISP will be available in Australia and Singapore until the end of 2008

A FACT, tested & proven by numerous power sport vehicle OE’s and users world-wide since 1995 when the first OptiMate was developed :-

The OptiMate desulphating maintainer-charger can save neglected, deep discharged batteries that (despite claims) competitors' chargers can’t.
It will safely maintain your vehicle battery in optimum condition during long term storage, always ready to crank the engine.

As soon as it is connected to the battery, the OptiMate immediately checks the battery for deep-discharge (plate sulfation). If necessary, the OptiMate applies ‘first aid’ in the form of a voltage of up to 20V** at low current for up to 2 hours, to recover the battery until it can accept the normal charge.

The OptiMate then delivers the "bulk charge" current, held automatically at a safe constant 0,6A rate. When the parameters signal to the circuit that the battery seems to be close to full charge, the unique charge verification cycle engages.

This cycle, in which the charge oscillates between constant current and a (lower) limited voltage, not only verifies and ensures that as optimal a charge as possible has been achieved, it also provides further desulfation and re-equalisation, and tops off the charge.

The OptiMate then tests the battery's ability to retain sufficient charge to crank the engine before the long term maintenance cycle engages. The maintenance cycle offers the battery support current within a "float charge" voltage limit during 30 minutes, alternating with further 30 minute voltage retention test periods.

This ensures that the battery is always 100% "ready to go", but never heats up or becomes overcharged.

**The OptiMate’s high voltage desulfation mode cannot engage in practice if the battery is connected to a wiring circuit or loom. So in order for the high voltage recovery mode to engage, the battery must first be disconnected from the vehicle wiring. It is the battery's inability to accept charge current at first that initialises the high voltage mode, so the absence of any significant power means that there is in any case no risk of any damage to vehicle electronics even if the battery is inadvertently left connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

  • Recommended for charging or maintaining all types of 12V lead-acid batteries from 2Ah to 32Ah.
  • Can also maintain larger batteries, these will just take longer to recharge.
  • TüV-CB certificated for Australia. TüV-PSE certificated for use in Japan.
  • Comprehensive selection of connection accessories including output extension sets and wall/window brackets.
  • 2 year limited warranty.